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ENCORE: Behind the Missions Episode 4. That's Just Franky

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Tour Video | Release Date: 2019 | Directed By: Alan Hannon

Episode 4 of "ENCORE: Behind the Missions" focuses on Franky Villani and his opening part in ENCORE. Wade Desarmo explains how Franky's skating reflects being comfortable with every aspect of who he is, the intangibles of Franky's technique, and how he gets a pass on the Bennett Grind. "He throws caution to the wind in every sense. His skateboarding: does what he wants. His personal life: does what he wants. He just is who he is, and you can't change that, that's Franky"

  • Still Photography: Burny Diego
  • Filmed By: Alan Hannon, Thomas Morrison, Bobby Bils, Alex Kissinger, Bryce Pagter, Eric Iwakura
  • Music: Ref Hughes